Frequently asked questions.

You may have a lot of questions related to Timeshare deeds, placing an order, escrow and the overall timeshare closings process. We have setup a useful question guide on our most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to review the questions and answers below.

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A: We understand that there is a lot of terminology in the timeshare business. We have setup a simple page outlining some common timeshare terms. https://timeshareresaleclosings.com/avoid-timeshare-scams/.
A: Yes. Your name is officially off of the timeshare and you will no longer be responsible for the property after the transfer is official. We’ll let you know when it happens!.
A: Because timeshares are treated as real property ownership it can be sold to another party. Sellers can advertise their properties for sale and buyers are able to purchase the property. .
A: Timeshare Escrow & Title does not connect buyers to sellers or visa versa. We do, however, have a network of established relationships with Brokers that we can refer you to. .
A: Yes. Even if your timeshare is still under financing, what you owe will simply be taken out of the seller’s proceeds during the closing process. .
A: The process of reselling your timeshare can take anywhere from 60 to 180 days to complete, but each closing is different. Timeshare Escrow & Title makes executing the required documents simple and will continuously update your resale at various stages throughout the process..