Our Fee Information

Fees and Pricing information

At timeshare Escrow & Title we like to be upfront on the costs involved the the process. We will guide you through all resale options and provide you with information on industry association facts about scams. We believe in reducing the confusion surrounding timeshare resales through open communication. Your private information, payment methods, and documents are stored on the latest Cloud technology which operates and protects your transaction. Our server technology employs the same technology that hospitals and medical facilities have to safeguard your private information. We protect your information as if it were our own.

Our prices are based on a Closing Cost Calculator that is based on the property location and the sales price. Our price points starting at $300.00.in that cost is up to $50.00 in recording fees.

Deed-Only Closings

In a deed-only closing, Timeshare Escrow & Title prepares closing documents, deeds, and then records the deed and notifies the resort.

The resort transfer fees are not included in the calculator and are added to the cost of the closing when the closing statements are produced.

Deed-only closings do not include any title search or title insurance.


The full-close service includes everything that the deed-only closing does; however, title search and title insurance are included.

Any transfer fees charged by the resort are not included.

Escrow Services

Timeshare Title & Escrow provides Escrow-Only Services for two types of people:

1. The do-it-yourself person who needs an intermediary account to hold the funds until completion of the transaction entirely

2. For a renter to know that their name has been registered at the resort during the agreed upon dates and they are able to check in.

Customers are able to access escrow.holdmyescrow.com where they are able to start a new application or finish existing documents.

Our Escrow Only service fee is $49.95, plus any credit card fees. We provide competitive pricing in the Timeshare Industry with this cost.

You can find more information on Escrow Services on the Reseller’s Guide page under Agency Escrow Accounting Standards to learn more about our ALTA Best Practices Certification and the process.