Licensed Performance Timeshare Closings


Timeshare Escrow & Title is fully licensed and appointed to perform timeshare closings for customers as a title agency for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, the largest title insurance agency in the US

We actively perform timeshare title transfers in a total of 23 states, Mexico, the Caribbean, plus other locations around the world, positioning Timeshare Escrow & Title as one of the largest independent national title agencies serving the timeshare community.

Our Services Include:

Deed-Only Closings prepare all of the necessary title documents to transfer your timeshare to the new buyer. This service does not include a title search nor title insurance, but both can be purchased at additional costs.

Secure Escrow Transaction for sellers and buyers involved in private transactions for either rentals or sales can use the Timeshare Escrow and Title agency to hold buyer’s funds in anticipation of the seller either providing a recorded deed to the buyer or registering the renter’s name with the property.</p<

Title Insurance which is available to protect the buyer against monetary loss in case of unforeseen title defects that could delay transfer period.

Disbursement of all Purchase and Sale Documents and Funds with payment pages protected by an Extended Validation SSL Certificate and housed on our HIPPA certified server in Orlando, Florida, plus, with daily reconciled escrow accounts, your closing funds are safe and secure.

Legally Complicit Recording of the Deed using the latest technology in electronically recording your deed where available, which can help speed up the process of recording. We follow up with a copy of the recorded deed and present it to the resort or management company. The resort or management company then updates their records with a copy of the recorded deed, which is also sent to the new owner.

Steps to Seal the Deal

  1. Assignment of an experienced closing agent that will work with you throughout the process of transferring your timeshare.
  2. Examine your order form and assist you with filing any information that may have been left out or unknown.
  3. Contact the resort or management company to obtain records of ownership which will identify any remaining fees, taxes, or loans.
  4. Your assigned closing agent will compile detailed title and closing documents and then prepare the deed. In states where a licensed attorney is required, our network of licensed attorneys will prepare the deed. We do this for you at no extra charge.
  5. We will then send both the buyer and seller all documents listing the charges and costs related to the transaction, as well as other relevant documents, which will then need to be signed and returned.
  6. Our team will double check that all forms are properly filled out and filed to guarantee a smooth transaction.
  7. Using our secure escrow service, all funds will be safeguarded in an escrow account until the transaction closes to protect both parties.
  8. Your customer satisfaction agent will then send the resort or management company documents notifying them of the transfer.
  9. The final step is notifying the buyer that their dream vacation timeshare has been legally filed under their name and ready to use.